April 17, 2019

What does it mean to be an “opera advocate?”

Posted 11/1/2018

Sports fans put on face paint and a jersey, cheering wildly at every game.

Movie buffs will wait in line, popcorn in hand, for a midnight premiere.

Rock fans will travel miles to see their favorite band in concert.

Opera fans are just as passionate and dedicated to their art form. Here are three of the top ways to be an opera advocate not only on Opera Advocacy Day, but all year long.


1. Introduce your friends and family to opera

With many stereotypes surrounding opera (it’s too long and stuffy), classical music can be intimidating. The best way to tear down those negative stereotypes is by inviting friends and family to attend a performance you think they would love. If your dad loves sword fighting and gritty drama, try Verdi’s Il trovatore. If your niece loves fairy tales and beautiful ballgowns, Massenet’s Cendrillon would be the perfect fit. Find the opera that is right for them, and act as their guide to the art form.

Opera tickets (and gift certificates) make the perfect gift for any holiday. If you normally subscribe to 4 operas, consider adding another performance and bringing a new opera buddy. The best way to experience this art form is live—the scale and spectacle will thrill even the most skeptical audience member.


2. Share your love of opera on social media

Opera is everywhere on the internet…if you know where to look. In addition to websites that focus on news and reviews, many opera companies around the world share content daily. You can also follow individual opera stars to see where they are performing and what they’re up to. Lyric posts behind the scenes content daily on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube. Join the conversation by tagging @LyricOpera and #LongLivePassion.

You may not think anyone is listening, but posting opera-related content on social media can inspire a conversation between fellow opera lovers and people who may be interested but don’t know where to begin. 


3. Support the art form you love through a donation

Charitable support is crucial to the wellbeing of the art form. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Lyric Opera of Chicago needs tax-deductible contributions to help fund more than half of its annual operating budget. More than any other country, American companies depend upon gifts from individual donors to bring opera from the page to the stage. Consider giving a gift today! Visit lyricopera.org/donate.

Whether you can give $5 or $5,000, every donation helps Lyric provide a broad, deep, and relevant cultural service to the Chicago region and the nation, and to advance the development of the art form of opera.

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Happy National Opera Week!

Opera Advocacy Day is an opportunity for individuals who work in or just love the opera field to show their support for this multidisciplinary art form and urge lawmakers and community leaders to enact policies and legislation that support opera and the performing arts.

Learn about the broad range of federal policy issues that OPERA America advocates on. Issues include funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, tax policy for nonprofits and visa policy for the hiring foreign guest artists.