July 23, 2021

Lyric Family Favorites: July 23

Though not much is known about the life of poet Georg von Dyherrn, his words, along with music by the equally little-known composer Erik Meyer-Helmund, gave the world the memorable “Das Zauberlied” or “The Magic Song” in 1886. It later became a favorite of many of the greatest German-speaking tenors of the 1930s, including such legends of singing as lyric tenor Joseph Schmidt, spinto tenor Richard Tauber, and dramatic tenor Franz Völker. In an excerpt from the Ryan Opera Center gala, Magical Music Around the World, Martin Luther Clark, joined by the rest of the 2020/21 Ryan Opera Center Ensemble, gives a stunning performance of this beautifully romantic song.

Plus, learn more about the origins of Wagner’s Götterdämmerung before the premiere of the Twilight: Gods film later this month, vote for your favorite Verdi chorus, watch Denis Vélez perform "M'ama... non m'ama,” and catch up with composer Missy Mazzoli.

Airing out Wagner’s Götterdämmerung

Later this month, audiences all over the world will be able to watch a filmed version of the sold-out Twilight: Gods, which took place in April in Millennium Lakeside Parking Garage. See how the audience environment played such an important role in both the original Götterdämmerung and Twilight: Gods.

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Vote for your favorite Verdi chorus

The Great Verdi Chorus Showdown is coming to a close next week! Take a listen today and be sure to vote for your favorite by July 31. The winner will be announced Wednesday, August 4. May the best chorus win!

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Denis Vélez performs "M'ama... non m'ama"

This lively and playful song is unsurprisingly the work of a very young Pietro Mascagni — he was only 21 years old when he wrote this piece. Wondering repeatedly whether he loves her or not, the singer pauses to ask herself, "And if the oracle of love says he doesn't love you? Well, let's try again!"

Missy Mazzoli reflects on three years of “moving the needle” at the CSO

Composer Missy Mazzoli recently completed her residency as Mead composer-in-residence at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Hear about her experience as a curator and how COVID-19 changed the way she works.

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Photos: Kyle Flubacker