September 18, 2020

Lyric Family Favorites: December 11

The holiday season is upon us and it's time to spread some extra cheer. The talented members of the Ryan Opera Center Ensemble have been hard at work recording songs of the season to bring you some joyful moments. The Christmas carol, “O come all ye faithful,” is a familiar tune for many at this time of year, but have you ever heard it performed by an operatic baritone? First-year Ensemble member Leroy Davis brings exceptional warmth and depth to this holiday favorite.

Plus, listen in on a conversation between composer Jake Heggie and soprano Ana María Martínez—star of Lyric’s upcoming virtual concert Pasión Latina, watch Ailyn Pérez sing “Chi' il bel sogno,” see our picks for opera streaming next week, and catch the latest episode of Breaking Down the Score.

Leroy Davis performs “O come all ye faithful”

Sing LOUDER with Ana María Martínez

A conversation with a favorite Lyric artist

Composer Jake Heggie talks with soprano Ana María Martínez in episode five of his podcast. The star of Lyric’s upcoming virtual concert Pasión Latina discusses her journey from musical theater to opera and more.

Listen louder

Ailyn Pérez sings “Chi' il bel sogno”

A memorable moment from For the Love of Lyric

A true highlight from For the Love of Lyric, soprano Ailyn Pérez shines in this gorgeous aria from Puccini’s La rondine. After watching this clip, you’ll want to see the entire concert, which is only available through December 12!

Watch Ailyn sing

Lyric presented Ariodante during the 2018/19 Season

Week of December 14: Streaming opportunities

Pick a stream, any stream

This week, watch operas of “epic proportions” from The Metropolitan Opera, a new series of opera and ballet streams from Royal Opera House, and new virtual concerts from Lyric including Pasión Latina.

Watch more opera

Breaking Down the Score: Attila with Maestro Enrique Mazzola

Part 11: Finale Secondo

This scene begins and ends with massive choral numbers, as Attila is surrounded by friends and enemies at a party. A storm blows in, bringing with it an eerie silence and a sense of foreboding. As the four main characters sing together, the storm passes and the party resumes. The drama ultimately reaches its peak when Odabella saves Attila’s life after Foresto attempts to poison him, bringing Act II to an electrifying end.

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Photos: Lyric Opera of Chicago, Svetlana Pasedko, Todd Rosenberg, Cory Weaver