April 18, 2019

Check out our range (of fashions)!

Posted 10/5/2016

Going out for an evening at the opera means different things for different people. Some enjoy planning their outfit for months in advance, relishing the opportunity to wear their fanciest clothes for a night on the town. The opera gives them a welcome excuse to whip out a rarely-worn fancy dress or a swanky suit and tie combo. They enjoy choosing an outfit just as impressive as the fabulous setting the opera is taking place. Others like the idea that the opera, today more than ever, embraces a more laid back approach when it comes to fashion. It’s not unusual to see opera-goers in khakis, sweaters, cardigans, etc. For those folks, they prefer a more laid back, comfortable opera experience. At the end of the day, opera fashion is about as wide-ranging as the beautiful voices you hear on stage. It’s all about wearing what feels right for you and expressing your own personal style. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest runway, red carpet and everyday fashions, and how they can serve as inspiration for a night at Lyric Opera!