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The seducer. The philanderer. The libertine who takes what he wants and lives only for his own pleasure. All three are Don Giovanni, antihero in Mozart’s drama of lust and revenge. He’s surrounded by memorable characters, including his frustrated servant Leporello and the three women he encounters: fiery Donna Elvira, tormented Donna Anna, and impressionable Zerlina. Filled with thrilling music and drama, including a finale so overpoweringly dramatic that it changed music forever, experience the high drama and the ultimate retribution of this iconic classic.




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Act one

Leporello stands guard for Don Giovanni’s latest conquest. Suddenly Giovanni rushes out pursued by Donna Anna, who calls for help. Her father challenges Giovanni and is murdered by him. Returning with her fiancé, Don Ottavio, Anna vows to have vengeance.

Giovanni, who had previously abandoned Donna Elvira, now flees, referring her to Leporello, who recites the catalogue of Giovanni’s conquests. Masetto and Zerlina, soon to be married, celebrate with their friends. Giovanni orders Leporello to escort Masetto and the peasants to his villa. Once Masetto is gone, Giovanni seduces Zerlina. Elvira warns the girl to avoid Giovanni. Anna and Ottavio request Giovanni’s help in punishing the Commendatore’s unknown assassin. Elvira returns, but Giovanni dismisses her as a madwoman. Once they’ve gone, Anna suddenly realizes that this was, in fact, her father’s murderer.

Giovanni orders Leporello to prepare a feast for that evening. Zerlina persuades Masetto to forgive her. Giovanni resumes his pursuit of Zerlina and, upon discovering Masetto, persuades the couple to enter the villa with him. Anna, Elvira, and Ottavio arrive, masked and intent on vengeance. Leporello invites them – on Giovanni’s behalf – to attend the party.

Giovanni tells Leporello to distract Masetto, then leads Zerlina to another room. Suddenly her screams alarm the party guests. Giovanni blames Leporello for attacking Zerlina. Anna, Elvira, and Ottavio unmask and denounce Giovanni.

Act two

Leporello wants to quit working for Giovanni, but is induced to stay. Giovanni exchanges clothes with Leporello in order to seduce Elvira’s maid unrecognized. Elvira appears at a window of her hotel room, lamenting Giovanni’s cruelty. He asks her to come to him, but it’s with the disguised Leporello that she leaves. Giovanni then serenades the maid. When Masetto arrives with some armed villagers, Giovanni sends the men off and detains Masetto, whom he beats viciously. Masetto’s cries bring Zerlina, who comforts him.

Leporello eludes Elvira but is discovered by Anna, Ottavio, Masetto, and Zerlina. Leporello reveals his true identity, begs for mercy, and escapes. Ottavio asks his companions to comfort Anna until he can return as the messenger of her vengeance. Elvira admits that although Giovanni has betrayed her, she still pities him.

Giovanni tells Leporello about his latest adventures. The two hear the Commendatore’s voice emanating from a statue. Giovanni orders Leporello to invite the statue to dinner.

Anna begs Ottavio to wait to marry her until her grief for her father has subsided. When he berates her for treating him cruelly, she assures him of her love.

Giovanni is enjoying food and wine when Elvira bursts in, imploring him to change his ways, but he ignores her pleading. The statue arrives and orders him to repent. Giovanni refuses and is dragged to hell. Leporello tells Anna, Ottavio, Elvira, Zerlina, and Masetto what has happened, and all proclaim the end of an evildoer.

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