New Production Das Rheingold

By Richard Wagner

  • Language - Performed in German with projected English translations
  • Running Time - 2 hours 30 minutes

Join us for an extraordinary story told over the course of four individual operas. Together, they comprise Wagner’s magnificent Ring cycle, one of the greatest musical achievements in Western culture and an artistic journey that every opera lover should experience.

Lyric’s ambitious new Ring starts with Das Rheingold in 2016, conducted by our own celebrated music director, Sir Andrew Davis. We’ll meet the Rhinemaidens, guardians of magical gold that can be transformed into a ring that grants its owner unlimited power. When Alberich steals the gold, the struggle among the legendary characters begins, as Wotan, king of the gods, vies with him for supreme power. Immerse yourself in thrilling drama and music of vast proportions during this first of four new productions from world-renowned director David Pountney.

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This production of Das Rheingold was presented at Lyric October 1 – 22, 2016. Visit our Ring Cycle page for upcoming 2020 performances.

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Das Rheingold

By Richard Wagner

Warner Classics label  — John Tomlinson, Hilde Leidland, Annette Küttenbaum, Jane Turner; Bayreuth Festival Orchestra, cond. Daniel Barenboim.

Courtesy of Warner Classics.

"Abendlich strahlt"
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Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla
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"Lugt, Schwestern”
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Das Rheingold

By Richard Wagner

Lyric Opera Commentaries are sponsored by the Patrick G. and Shirley Welsh Ryan Foundation in memory of their parents.

Commentary by Sir Andrew Davis in collaboration with Jack Zimmerman
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Commentary by Colin Ure
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Das Rheingold Synopsis

The Rhinemaidens are guarding magic gold. If anyone renounces love and then makes the gold into a ring, he will become all-powerful. The Nibelung dwarf Alberich does this, then enslaves his brother Mime and all the other Nibelungs. Wotan, the chief god, hears of the ring and descends to Nibelheim in pursuit of it. After being captured by Wotan and forced to give up the ring, Alberich curses it. Wotan is warned by Erda, the earth-goddess, to avoid the ring. He gives it — and the rest of Alberich’s riches — to the giants, Fasolt and Fafner, as payment for their having built Valhalla, the gods’ newly completed fortress. Fafner kills Fasolt to keep the ring for himself. The gods enter Valhalla with no hint of the catastrophes to come.


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Meet The Artists

Eric Owens


Samuel Youn


Stefan Margita


Tanja Ariane Baumgartner


Wilhelm Schwinghammer


Tobias Kehrer


Sir Andrew Davis


David Pountney


Johan Engels

Original Set Designer

Robert Innes Hopkins

Set Designer

Marie-Jeanne Lecca

Costume Designer

Fabrice Kebour

Lighting Designer

Denni Sayers


The RING Cycle

An extraordinary story told over the journey of four operas. Together, they comprise Wagner's magnificent Ring cycle, one of the greatest musical achievements in Western culture and an immersive operatic adventure that every opera lover should experience.

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