September 18, 2020

Lyric Music & More: March 2

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than two months since Pasión Latina—the lively rhythms and vibrant melodies are still fresh in our minds. First-year Ryan Opera Center soprano Denis Vélez set the stage ablaze with her rapid-fire articulation in the showstopping “Carceleras” from Ruperto Chapí’s zarzuela Las hijas del Zebedeo (The Daughters of the Zebedeo). If you haven’t had a chance to watch the full concert yet, it’s a delightful way to spend an hour at home; and even if you have, trust us—it’s even more fun the second time around.

Plus, get an inside look at the recording of Sole e Amore, meet Verdi’s furry friends, get acquainted with Twilight: Gods director Yuval Sharon, and see how opera singers are helping Covid-19 patients.

The Ryan Opera Center's voyage of discovery, part 2

For Sole e Amore, the members of the Ryan Opera Center Ensemble got the chance to work directly with Maestro Enrique Mazzola on intimate songs instead of arias. Hear from them what it was like to explore this repertoire.

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Verdi’s furry friends

Who helped Verdi write Don Carlo? According to the composer, it was his beloved canine companion Blach (also known as Black). Verdi was so enamored with his furry friend he even wrote letters in the dog’s name. Learn more about famous composers and their dogs in this entertaining series from OperaWire.

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Spotlight on Yuval Sharon

Director Yuval Sharon  brings an intensely innovative vision to every project he works on. Lyric is thrilled to introduce his radical reimagining of Götterdämmerung to Chicago this April with Twilight: Gods. Learn more about Yuval Sharon and the pioneering opera productions he’s created.

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Opera singers help Covid-19 patients learn to breathe again

Artists from the English National Opera have found a new outlet for their skills. See how techniques developed by opera singers are helping patients recover from long-lasting effects of Covid-19 in this fascinating article from The New York Times.

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Photos: Kyle Flubacker, Cory Weaver, Karla Gowlett, via English National Opera