Pietro Mascagni, "Serenata"
Martin Luther Clark, tenor; Enrique Mazzola, piano

In 1894, four years after the triumph of his Cavalleria rusticana, Pietro Mascagni (1863-1945) produced what was to become arguably the most popular of his more than 35 songs. This was "Serenata" ("Serenade"), which has graced recitals by innumerable celebrated Italian artists, among them soprano Renata Tebaldi and tenors Giuseppe Di Stefano, Carlo Bergonzi, and Luciano Pavarotti.

By comparison to the white-hot passion of Cavalleria's Santuzza and Turridu's music, "Serenata" is fairly gentle in the easy buoyancy of its melodic line. Musically Mascagni gives the listener two identical verses, sung to a deliciously sweet and romantic text. The singer thinks of his sleeping beloved, with the hope that she won't wake up, because he's about to kiss her in her dreams.

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Photos: Kyle Flubacker