Lyric Opera Seating Chart

Lyric Opera of Chicago Seating Chart

Find your perfect seat at Lyric Opera of Chicago. View the Lyric Opera House seating chart section by section, take an interactive tour, and see samples of what the view from your seat will be. Download our full seating chart to see the whole house at a glance.

Seating at Lyric Opera of Chicago

 Main Floor

Lyric Opera of Chicago - Main Floor Seating Chart

Main Floor 1 B20
Main Floor 1, B20
Main Floor 1 G17
Main Floor 1, G17
Main Floor 1 S106
Main Floor 1, S106
Main Floor 2 EE20
Main Floor 2, EE20
Min Floor 3 MM35
Main Floor 3, MM35
Main Floor 4 RR36
Main Floor 4, RR36

 Mezzanine Boxes

Lyric Opera Seating Chart Boxes

Box 1
Box 1
Box 11
Box 11
Box 31
Box 31

 First Balcony

Lyric Opera of Chicago Seating Chart - First Balcony

First Balcony 1 C106
First Balcony 1, C106
First Balcony 2 J17
First Balcony 2, J17
First Balcony 3 L26
First Balcony 3, L26
First Balcony 4 S47
First Balcony 4, S47

 Upper Balcony

Lyric Opera Seating Chart - Upper Balcony

Upper Balcony 1 D105
Upper Balcony 1, D105
Upper Balcony 1, F22
Upper Balcony 1, F22
Upper Balcony 2 P37
Upper Balcony 2, P37

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