March 06, 2019

Lyric’s LA TRAVIATA Wows Critics & Audiences

Gorgeous music. A beautiful, heartbreaking story, memorably told. Terrific performances across the board. Lavish over-the-top costumes for the party scenes. What’s not to love? Lyric’s La traviata continues through March 22 -- don’t miss it!

Check out what the critics have to say:

"No opera really sings unless it rings true to its psychological core, and Lyric Opera of Chicago has that rare winner in its current run of Verdi’s La Traviata….this version resounds with the insights of an electrifying, largely young cast and leadership crew that seems singularly focused on theatrical truth….The attentiveness of Lyric’s opening night crowd was apparent; although applause was loud and immediate after big numbers, the extreme quiet at other times allowed for exquisitely soft playing from the tremolo strings and transfixing woodwind solos….4 stars." ⭐⭐⭐⭐  Chicago Sun-Times  

"[Lyric’s] production of Verdi’s La a beauty on all counts. But its greatest virtue is the way it emphasizes the essential intimacy of the work, with each of its three major characters delivering virtuosic, soliloquy-like arias, as well as joining for richly dramatic duets and trios against the backdrop of the lavish social whirl and blatant hypocrisy of mid-19th century high society Paris….The voices are uniformly superb and full of heat, but so is the almost conversational style of acting, and that makes all the difference."  Chicago Tonight-WTTW 

"The real marvel of Lyric Opera’s current staging of Verdi’s La traviata lies not just in its lustrous surfaces but rather in its surprising depth, in its true and affecting recovery of a splendor beyond – or, more to the point, before – habit….The singing is exquisite by all three of the leads: soprano Albina Shagimuratova as Violetta Valéry, adored courtesan and toast of Paris who paradoxically has never known true love; tenor Giorgio Berrugi as the love-struck Alfredo, who wins Violetta only to see their idyll shattered by cruel circumstance; and baritone Željko Lučić as Alfredo’s father Germont, who fractures the lovers’ bliss to protect his daughter’s prospective marriage from the stain of scandal. But even before considering the collective vocal achievement, or the skillful acting by all three singers, one must acknowledge the masterful work of American conductor Michael Christie….5 stars." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Chicago on the Aisle 

"Stunning designs, great music, dramatic romance and tragedy -- La traviata has the best of all things opera. In my opinion, the visual storytelling by Arin Arbus and her creative team is the most impressive element of this production. Photos simply cannot do it justice. This treat for the eyes (and, of course, for the ears) must be experienced in person." – Broadway World 

Lyric production revival of Verdi’s La traviata generously made possible by

Donna Van Eekeren Foundation

The Michael and Susan Avramovich Charitable Trust

Nancy and Sanfred Koltun

Lauter McDougal Charitable Fund

Coproduction of Lyric Opera of Chicago, Houston Grand Opera, and Canadian Opera Company.

Photo: Lynn Lane/Houston Grand Opera