May 23, 2023

Lyric is an opera community for all

Lyric strives to make the opera experience accessible for all patrons by providing services for those who may need tailored assistance. Accessibility is a multifaceted issue, which is why we are committed to providing a range of services from ticketing discount programs to accessible seating options.

There is always progress to be made and Lyric is committed to continuously learning about the needs of our communities, providing inclusive spaces for all our patrons, and enhancing each person's experience so that they may enjoy the incredible artform of opera. 

Your generous donation makes these programs and resources possible. Learn about the accessibility services that Lyric provides, and find out how your gift can make the difference in creating a more inclusive opera community.


Create an opera community for all

Lyric believes in the power of opera to form community.

Enhancing the opera experience

Opera lovers know that a performance is more than just incredible music – it is stunning visuals, awe-inspiring sets, gorgeous costumes, and expressive movement that help a story come to life. We want all patrons to have the opportunity to experience the storytelling happening on stage, so we provide resources to ensure that their experience is a rich one.

For example, Lyric offers audio-described performances for those who are visually impaired. These include a narration that offers concise, objective descriptions of new scenes, settings, costumes, and body language to help an opera come to life.

This is just one way Lyric is working to make all of our patrons feel included in the magic of opera. We are continually looking for opportunities to build upon and expand these types of services to our audiences.

“Now, while I listen to the opera, I also imagine the set, costumes, props, and the performers themselves, and I can follow the dialogue with the supertitles. My appreciation is deep and rich – I feel an overwhelming gratitude that literally hundreds of people brought forth a presentation at a level of perfection that is thrilling.”

-Robert C. from Darien, IL

We want everyone to have an incredible experience at Lyric.

We are particularly excited to share that Lyric will be the first opera company in the world to offer SoundShirt – a groundbreaking technology that provides an immersive opera experience for those who are hard of hearing. The SoundShirt will allow the wearer to actually feel the music by wearing a garment that contains meticulously placed electrodes to transmit music into vibrations. It is an exciting advancement for inclusion in live performance. 

Lyric is the first US opera company to be currently testing and piloting a SoundSuit effort, with the goal of making it widely available next season.

Other ways that Lyric is creating accessible spaces include:

Accessibility gives Lyric further stability by serving a growing number of patrons whose support will sustain opera’s relevance. Lyric is excited to not only continue the programs we have in place to promote accessibility but to expand on them in years to come.

 Sharing the joy of opera brings us closer to one another.

Learn more about accessibility at Lyric and our discounted ticket programs on our website. Your generosity will help us continue expanding the services we offer to make opera a fully immersive and unforgettable experience.

Enhance the opera experience

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Header photo: Students enjoy a tour of the Lyric Opera House, credit: Kyle Flubacker

Photos: Kyle Flubacker, Todd Rosenberg