November 16, 2021

Lyric Libations: THE MAGIC FLUTE

Mozart's The Magic Flute is, at its heart, a love story. Whether you're mixing up drinks with your favorite feather-brained sidekick or falling in love at first sight with a beautiful Prince or Princess, we hope these creative cocktails will add to the magic of this thrilling new-to-Chicago production. They're a little classic, a little modern, and a whole lot of fun to make (and enjoy)!

The Birdcatcher

Inspired by the classic tropical drink, the Jungle Bird, this cocktail — just like Papageno — is sweet with a touch of bitterness. Just strong enough to take the edge off, this is the perfect drink to enjoy with friends, or on a night away from your many Papageni.

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Pamina's Passion

Caught between a murderous mother, a handsome prince, a bumbling birdcatcher, and Monostatos's grabby hands, Pamina can't help but feel overwhelmed. A character who leads with her heart, this Princess wants to see the best in everyone and after a few of these drinks, your outlook is sure to be a bit rosier too.

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Tamino Collins

Like Prince Tamino, this grown-up lemonade can lean syrupy sweet or surprisingly tart depending on your personal preferences. Either way, just like Mozart, this cocktail is a classic for a reason!

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Sarastro's Worldview

This drink's dark and smoky flavor is the perfect pairing for Sarastro's deep voice and serious nature. While it may seem as old fashioned as the high priest's worldview, switching up a few ingredients can change the entire flavor of a classic cocktail.

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November 3 – 27, 2021

The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute

Mozart’s miraculous blend of the human and the supernatural, comedy and romance, draws us into a world where a prince, Tamino, and a princess, Pamina, triumph over every obstacle in their search for wisdom and enlightenment, and are finally united in love. This is a gloriously varied score, with the lovers’ soulful arias, the stratospheric vocal fireworks of the villainous Queen of the Night, the subterranean depths of the formidable high priest Sarastro, and the folk-like melodies of the lovable birdcatcher, Papageno. Lyric brings you a critically acclaimed production that pays homage to the silent movies of the 1920s, praised by The Guardian as “a joyous yet profound staging in which animation takes centre stage…[taking] live video to new heights on the opera stage.”

Header photo: Huw Montague Rendall as Papageno in Lyric's 2021/22 production of Mozart's The Magic Flute. (Credit: Cory Weaver)