March 17, 2020

Hearts full of music

March 18, 2020

Music has a way of connecting people, even when they are miles (or just six feet) apart. With the current reality of social distancing, we all need that connection more than ever — and that's why we're still here for you, with a dose of levity, learning, and love. We'll be sharing regular updates like this one, including moments that lift us up, ways to learn more about and experience Lyric digitally, family-friendly content, and treats like puzzles and quizzes that help to pass the time.

Today, we share a clip of “Tonight,” from Lyric’s 2019 production of Bernstein’s West Side Story. This beautiful melody makes our hearts beat a little faster, and reminded us of the excitement and anticipation that we feel for that moment when we can all be together again to enjoy great music. 

Our stage may be temporarily silent, but our hearts are full of music. We hope yours is, too.

Need a laugh?

During these trying times, we could probably all use a visit to Dr. Opera, the recurring character created in a series of videos from Lyric and The Second City to counsel some of opera’s most famed characters. Enjoy this session with Hansel and Gretel!

Things to do at home

Thank you for being a part of our Lyric family. The consequences of our recent cancellations are substantial, and your support of Lyric is more important than ever.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.


Photos: Todd Rosenberg, Jonathan Tichler/Met Opera