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As a nonprofit organization, philanthropic contributions are the fuel powering Lyric. When you join Lyric’s donor family, you are greeted with open arms by an enriching and welcoming community of Friends. Through your thoughtful contributions, the Lyric Opera House is transformed into a space to gather and escape into the majestic world of opera. Audiences of all ages are captivated by language, art, and culture; and visitors from around the world will understand what makes Lyric Opera a shining light in our community.

Recognition levels for Friends of Lyric
  • Member - $50-99
  • Contributor - $100-249
  • Associate - $250-499
  • Enthusiast - $500-999
  • Aficionado - $1,000-1,999
  • Advocate - $2,000 - 2,999
  • Devotee - $3,000-3,999
  • Partner - $4,000-4,999

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Lyric's Gift Planning Department is ready to help you leave a planned gift to Lyric, and to become a treasured member of the Ardis Krainik Society.

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Recurring monthly gifts

A smart way to ensure Lyric’s return to the stage is by making a recurring gift to provide Lyric with continuous, reliable support in scheduled monthly or quarterly installments that are comfortable and convenient for you. By distributing your generosity throughout the year, your sustaining gift will provide reliable funding toward Lyric’s recovery

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Lyric's donor privacy and gift acceptance policy

We do not rent or exchange lists we maintain that may include your personal information. We will not send you mailings on behalf of other organizations. 


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