Jason and the Argonauts

October 21. 2023

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October 21. 2023

An Original Opera by Gregory Spears and Kate Walat Jason and the Argonauts

What do you do when your uncle has wrongfully taken your place as king? If you’re Jason, you gather your strongest and wisest friends, and set sail on an adventure to win back the throne! This ancient myth of courage and triumph comes to life as Jason and his friends, the Argonauts, search for the Golden Fleece. Along the way, they face sharp rocks, dangerous creatures called sirens, a harrowing dragon, and more trials that ultimately teach them what it means to be a hero. Introduce the young people in your life to the wonderful world of opera with this exciting original work.

Tickets are $10 for children/$20 for adults.
Recommended for kids ages 7-12.

  • Language: English
  • Running Time: 45 minutes
  • Location: Vittum Theater, 1012 N Noble St, Chicago, IL 60642

Set sail for fun with our printable sailor hat!

Set sail for fun with our printable sailor hat!

Let your kids participate in the fun at the show by wearing a sailor hat, made specifically for Jason and the Argonauts! We have a printable design with instructions so you can print and fold the hat at home.

The story

Long ago in a magical world, Jason is raised in the forest by the centaur Chiron. Wise Chiron plays music and teaches him about nature and the animals, but Jason is impatient to become a hero. When Jason turns 19, he learns that his uncle Pelias has taken the throne that should be his.

Jason goes to reclaim his throne, but King Pelias says he will give it up only if Jason brings him the Golden Fleece. Jason builds the ship Argo, and with his crew, the Argonauts, he sets sail on his quest.

On their voyage, Jason and the Argonauts face deadly dangers. They sail between sharp, treacherous rocks that snap shut to crush passing ships, and they resist the enchanting song of the evil Siren.

They arrive at Colchis, where King Aeetes has the Golden Fleece. Jason and the king’s daughter Medea fall in love, and she helps him get the Golden Fleece. But just as they are about to leave, they discover the golden Lamb, held captive by King Aeetes. Jason must learn that becoming a true hero means respecting nature. Will he make the right choice?

Program book

Go inside this production of Jason and the Argonauts with engaging articles, notes from the director, a complete plot synopsis, artist bios, and more.



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