Student Backstage Tours

As an introduction to the art form, nothing captures the imagination more than a tour of a working opera house.


Lyric Unlimited's Student Backstage Tours are led by guides whose training centers on teaching through engagement — questioning, discussion, and problem solving — and tapping into the unique qualities of each student group. 

As students journey through the various production areas, they learn about the myriad elements that combine to create a grand opera performance and the vast array of professional skills involved. They see places and things that most Lyric patrons only dream of seeing, and they leave the tour with lasting insider knowledge about the world of opera.

Student Backstage Tours - Lyric Opera of Chicago

Student Backstage Tours are supported by John Edelman and Suzanne Krohn and the Shirley and Benjamin Gould Endowment Fund.

2017/18 Season Backstage Tour Dates

- October 30
- November 3
- November 14
- November 29
- December 8
- December 11
- January 11
- January 22
- February 16 SOLD OUT
- February 26
- March 6 SOLD OUT
- March 16 SOLD OUT
- March 22 - Limited Availability

Order Information

Grade Levels: 3-12
Tour Length: Approximately 80 minutes long per group, and run from 9:30a.m. - 2:00p.m.
Cost: $7 per person

At least 10 people are needed to book a tour, 1 to 2 chaperones are required per group

All bus scholarships available for 2017/18 have been awarded. Watch for Bus Scholarships to return in 2018/19 - and act quickly!