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The Queen of Spades

A broodingly romantic thriller from the composer of Eugene Onegin and Swan Lake. Gherman is an unhappy soldier desperate to learn a secret hidden by a mysterious old countess - the mystery of winning at cards. As his obsession begins to overwhelm him, it also affects the ones he loves and leads to his ultimate demise.


Madama Butterfly

A heartbreaking story about Cio-Cio-San, who sacrifices family and culture to marry B.F. Pinkerton, only to see his ship sail away. We share her joy when he finally returns, and her utter despair when she realizes that he’s married an American woman and has come to take his young son—Cio-Cio-San’s child—back with him.


Don Giovanni

Mozart’s legendary drama about  a womanizer who lives only for his own pleasure — and is hair-raisingly punished in the end.

Pollock/Murphy Moo

Earth to Kenzie

Meet Kenzie, a fifth grader with homework, asthma, and a big imagination. When she and her mother have to move into a family shelter, Kenzie finds refuge in the world of video games alongside her avatar, Edwin. Through their imaginary space adventures, Kenzie dares to go farther than ever before. Can she find the confidence to make friends and succeed in the classroom? And can she find her way home? 


Luisa Miller

A star-crossed romance by the composer of La Traviata and Rigoletto about sweet Luisa and her love for Rodolfo, the son of a ruthless, unethical nobleman whom Luisa’s own father loathes.


The Barber of Seville

Sparks fly between the witty Rosina and hopeless romantic Count Almaviva, but Rosina is betrothed to her pompous old guardian. Enter matchmaker Figaro: the cleverest barber in all of Seville whose talents go far beyond cutting hair!