2019/20 Season Production Ratings

Interested in taking your students on an incredible field trip this year at Lyric Opera of Chicago? We have the provided the following advisories to make you aware of any content in our productions that may be difficult for young audiences. Each production has been given "movie style rating" (similar to motion pictures or television programs) as well as summaries of what content to expect. 

See below for information on our student performance offerings and we hope to see you at the Lyric Opera House this season! 

The Barber of Seville
Running Time - 3 hours, 5 minutes with 1 intermission
Movie Style Rating: PG for:

  • Adult situations

This light-hearted comedy of love, laughter, and hijinks is complemented by Rossini’s delightful and effervescent music. While filled with recognizable tunes and a colorful setting, the 3 hours 5 minutes running time may be a challenge for younger children. 

Luisa Miller
Running Time - 2 hours, 45 minutes with 1 intermission
Movie Style Rating: PG-13 for:

  • Violence, including murder and suicide

The music of Luisa Miller showcases the hallmarks of Verdi and Italian opera: memorable arias, breathtaking duets, and thrilling ensembles. This tale of star-crossed love and violent jealousy culminates ultimately in tragedy. 

Don Giovanni
Running Time - 3 hours, 20 minutes with 1 intermission
Movie Style Rating: PG-13 for:

  • Violence, including murder

  • Sensuality and sexual violence

Mozart’s Don Giovanni is packed with thrilling music and drama, memorable characters, and one of the most powerful finales in opera. Much of the story revolves around the titular character, Don Giovanni, an arrogant, wealthy, womanizer who uses his power and lack of conscience to abuse and manipulate everyone.

This production may trigger strong emotions for people who have experienced sexual assault. 

Madama Butterfly
Running Time - 2 hours, 55 minutes with 1 intermission
Movie Style Rating: PG-13 for:

  • Depiction of a statutory relationship

  • Ritual Suicide

Puccini’s classic is one of the world’s most popular operas, with its beautiful music and aching, deeply poignant dramatic story. The story contains mature themes. Butterfly is 15 years old when she is bought by Pinkerton, an American Naval Officer, to be his wife. At the heartbreaking finale, Butterfly commits ritual suicide (Seppuku).

For further student discussion, examine the setting and time period of the opera and its colonialist depiction of Japanese culture.

The Queen of Spades
Running Time - 3 hours, 45 minutes with 2 intermissions
Movie Style Rating: PG-13 for:

  • Violence, including suicide

  • Macabre imagery

  • Gambling

Tchaikovsky’s music is the height of Russian romanticism. This brooding romantic thriller follows Gherman and his desperate search for the secret to winning at cards. As his obsession takes hold, the opera takes a macabre turn ending in tragedy for all involved.

42nd Street

Running Time - 2 hours, 30 minutes with 1 intermission
Movie Style Rating: PG for:

  • Adult situations

The story of Peggy Sawyer, an aspiring actress from Allentown who gets her big break and rises from chorus girl to star status overnight, 42nd Street is filled with sensational tap numbers and memorable melodies.

Rating Classification
G = General Audiences. All Ages Admitted
PG= Parent Guidance Suggested. Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children
PG-13 = Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some Material May Be Inappropriate for Children Under 13.
R = Restricted. Children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian
NC-17 = No One 17 or Under Admitted.