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There's no better time to instill a love of music and opera in young people than during their childhood. Each year, through Lyric's in-school programs like Opera in the Neighborhoods and Opera Residencies, our Backstage Tours, and programs that bring students from all over Chicago and beyond to the theater for their first opportunity with opera, Lyric reaches thousands of young people through music.

Whether you're interested in exploring our Learning Resources designed to educate kids on individual operas, or some of our fun activities, we hope you'll find ways to educate, encourage discussion and discovery, and entertain through music.

We invite you to share it with your friends and to check back weekly as we add more videos and activities for you to enjoy!

Family Opera Activity Book

A downloadable guide filled with opera terms, activities and games the whole family can enjoy! 

Learning Resources

This is your all-access pass to the world of opera and musical theater. In our Learning Resources portal, you will find engaging information for some of the world's most beloved operas and musicals. Learn about each work's story, creators, history, and some musical highlights to listen for when you watch with your family!


During this shift into the digital realm, we have been collaborating closely with the Opera Residency teaching artists to create videos with Illinois State Board of Education guidelines in mind. Teaching artists are professional performance and creative educators who work closely with Lyric’s Learning & Creative Engagement Department to develop and build curriculum for programs in schools and communities. You can meet them here! 

Music tells a story with Miss A.J.

Join Miss A.J. as she teaches young audiences what to listen for when listening to an opera!  

"Opera laughs" with Miss Elise!

Learn how laughing can help with your singing with Miss Elise! Join the fun by tagging us in your own opera laughs video with #lyricoperalaughs. 

"One sentence opera" with Miss Megan!

Learn how to create an opera using one sentence with Miss Megan. You only need three cups and some paper to participate! 

"Opera Mask Making" with Miss Heather

Looking for a fun activity to do with the kids? Miss Heather shows us how to make an opera mask of Fafner the dragon.

Downloadable Activities & Games

Can you spot the differences? 

Can you spot the differences between these two photos from Earth to Kenzie?
Answer Key 


Can you spot all of the opera terms hidden in this word search? 

Kids Word Search

Can you find all of the opera words hidden in this word search?


Kids Word Jumble

Can you fix these scrambled opera words?


Make your own story: Hansel and Gretel

Put your own twist on the classic fairytale Hansel and Gretel


Make your own story: The Elixir of Love

Can you complete the story of The Elixir of Love


Kids Word Search: The Elixir of Love

Find all of the opera words from The Elixir of Love hidden in this word search! 


Make your own story: Tosca

Tell your own version of the story of Tosca!


Kids Word Search: Tosca

Can you find the hidden words from the opera Tosca? 


Make your own story: The Marriage of Figaro

Put your own spin on The Marriage of Figaro!


Kids Word Search: The Marriage of Figaro

Can you find the hidden words from the opera The Marriage of Figaro? 


Let's play Bingo!

Be the first to complete five of these helpful chores in this Bingo game for kids! 


Coloring Pages

Virtual Tour of the Lyric Opera House

Do you miss coming to the Lyric Opera House in person? We do, too. But, you can visit from home in this virtual tour. Learn about the history of the building, take a look backstage, and get excited for the 2020/21 Season. It's a field trip from the comfort of your own home! 

Photos: Kyle Flubacker, Dan Rest