March 06, 2019

Five Reasons Why You Need to See IDOMENEO

  • The story! It’s truly powerful stuff. We’re talking matters of life and death here, with Crete’s King Idomeneo promising the god Neptune that, in exchange for his own safety, he’ll sacrifice the first person he sees once he lands on shore. That person turns out to be his own son! Add to that a passionate love triangle and the appearance of a sea monster and you have a very exciting evening in the opera house.
  • Mozart’s music! This is his first mature opera – it premiered two days after he turned 25. It’s full of astoundingly beautiful arias for all the major characters. Opera’s first great quartet is part of this score, too. It’s also one of the most thrilling operas for chorus in the entire repertoire, with one memorable choral scene after another. When the people of Crete behold that sea monster and sing about how terrified they are, your hair will stand on end!
  • Sir Andrew Davis’s conducting! Lyric’s music director, who’s long had Mozart as one of his operatic specialties and has triumphed in many Mozart operas at Lyric, will conduct his very first Idomeneo. This will be a major milestone in his illustrious career, as well as a huge treat for Lyric audiences.
  • Jean-Pierre Ponnelle’s production! David Kneuss is revival director for the late, great French director-designer’s Idomeneo, a brilliant reimagining of ancient Crete in the sets, combined with elegant 18th-century costumes.
  • The cast! Matthew Polenzani (title role), Janai Brugger (Ilia), Erin Wall (Elettra), Angela Brower (Idamante), and David Portillo (Arbace) are all internationally celebrated as interpreters of Mozart roles. You can be sure that they’ll all perform in Idomeneo with immaculate style, while acting up a storm as these wonderful characters.

If you love Mozart (and who doesn’t?), then we’ll expect to see you at Idomeneo!

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Production owned by The Metropolitan Opera. All scenery, properties, and costumes constructed by The Metropolitan Opera Shops. This production was originally directed by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle and premiered at The Metropolitan Opera on October 14, 1982.

Main photo: Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera