March 06, 2019

THE MAGIC FLUTE – A Fairy Tale for the Holidays!

This year, we celebrate 225 years of Mozart’s delightful, enchanting fairy tale The Magic Flute entertaining audiences, and Lyric is bringing a new production of this timeless classic to Chicago just in time for the holidays.

Here’s what you need to know as you plan your Magic Flute operatic adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned opera lover who can’t wait to be dazzled by the Queen of the Night’s aria, a culture vulture who can’t miss this blockbuster, or an arts lover eager to introduce a young person to the wonder of opera, we can’t wait to welcome you!


The Story

Princess Pamina — daughter of the Queen of the Night — has been abducted by her mother’s mortal enemy, the high priest Sarastro. Prince Tamino has fallen in love with Pamina, and when the Queen asks him to save her, he sets out on a journey with his sidekick, the lovable birdcatcher Papageno. In their travels, the two companions endure various trials to test their courage and purity of heart before they can rescue the princess. If Tamino passes, he will win Pamina — and if Papageno passes, he will win the woman of his dreams, Papagena. While Tamino enters bravely, Papageno is a bit more reluctant, but both face their trials in the hope of living happily ever after in this triumph of all that is good and noble.


What to Watch/Listen For

  • A whimsical new production explores how children’s imaginations bring to life this fantastical world with their own home as the stage. Director Neil Armfield captures the wonder and enchantment of a child’s view of the world with his new take on an audience favorite.

  • Vocal Fireworks. The Queen of the Night’s fiendishly difficult and astounding-to-hear aria, “Der Hölle Rache” (click to listen!) is jokingly considered Mozart’s revenge on sopranos. With stratospheric high notes and stunning coloratura, it takes grace, beauty and hard work to sing this show-stopping aria.

  • An accessible performance for all. The story and melodies of The Magic Flute — starting with the famed Overture — are perfect for the opera newcomer and opera buff alike. Introduce someone in your life — young or young at heart — to opera with this time-honored favorite!

New Lyric Opera production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute generously made possible by

The Negaunee Foundation

Randy L. and Melvin R. Berlin

Roberta L. and Robert J. Washlow

Photo: Todd Rosenberg