March 06, 2019

The Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar Explains Why This is a Must-See Show

Chicago is buzzing about the highly-anticipated, Olivier Award-winning production of Jesus Christ Superstar that made its North American premiere last weekend on Lyric’s stage. With more than 80 artists including a 37-piece orchestra, high-energy choreography, and 90 pounds of glitter used in each performance, you won’t want to miss this incredible production in its limited engagement, only through May 20! We sat down with the cast to find out why this is the must-see show of the year. Keep reading to check out their answers, and be sure to purchase your tickets today!


Heath Saunders (Jesus)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jesus Christ Superstar is one of my top five shows of all time. To bring this new production, this American premiere, to the United States, is an honor that I find indescribable. Every time I get to sing into a microphone like I'm at an actual rock concert, I’m like “Yeah! This is what I want to do, this is all I want to do!” 

Ryan Shaw (Judas)

What's got me most excited about this show is this new production. These new visuals, these new dance moves, this new take on the story. It gives you the story, but it's almost like watching a work of art come to life. The dancers become their own characters; they're an emotional energy of the show. 

Jo Lampert (Mary)

It has so many different kinds of diverse voices within a 3,000 person opera house, but also with a 37 piece orchestra. And they're not in a pit, which is very exciting to me. People should see this show because it’s going to be different from anything they've ever seen before. But also because the idea of a rock concert with historic icons like Jesus, Judas, Simon, and yes, Mary, as now rock or gospel icons is an amazing melding

Andrew Mueller (Peter)

The cast is amazing, the design team is amazing, the size of the orchestra and the band — you probably haven’t heard this music played this way since the concept album. It’s going to be the best parts of a rock concert, it’s going to be the best part of a theatrical experience, it's going to be a huge scale, it’s going to look and sound really good.”

Cavin Cornwall (Caiaphas)

This is probably one of the best shows I’ve ever done. Why? Because director Tim Sheader, conductor Tom Deering, and set/costume designer Tom Scutt have done an absolutely amazing job with this. It is visceral. It is absolutely for young, old — it's got something for everyone. If there’s anything that's going to give you an actual feel for what it was like for Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice to produce their first production, this is it.

Joseph Anthony Byrd (Annas) 

You're going to come and be moved by these voices. They're heavenly, angelic, moving, scary…they are everything you need to have an amazing experience. This is the way Jesus Christ Superstar should sound and be delivered musically. 

Michael Cunio (Pilate)

As someone who has seen just about every possible version of the show, this is truly the most authentic and spectacular version that I have ever seen. I think anybody that grows up loving Jesus Christ Superstar has an idea of what they want it to be in their mind. This is that idea they've had in their head. I think this is truly one of most incredible collections of voices I’ve ever gotten to be on stage with.

Mykal Kilgore (Simon Zealotes) 

I’m most excited about being able to play with some of my favorite performers in one room. There's so many talented people that I've collected over the years as friends, and now we’re actually in the same room together acting as complete fools. 

Shaun Fleming (Herod) 

I’m really excited to be able to bring my style of flamboyant glam rock to the stage. The cast and crew of this production are some of the most talented and hardworking and beautiful people I've ever met. It's surely going to yield one of the most fantastic shows you’ve ever seen

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