August 11, 2020

Pets of Lyric: Act II

August 14, 2020

They say dog is man's best friend, but the furry bunch below proves that dogs, cats, and even bunnies also make wonderful co-workers! While Lyric staff members continue to work from home, get to know some of the four-legged sidekicks keeping us company while we have to "sit...stay" in place.

Eleanor (aka Ellie)

Development Operations Associate


Assistant Data Analyst

Ellie has been loving her time working with Kelly and now Bowie in Development Services / Operations. She is currently focused on how to raise the most treats from her human donors, but has also conducted observational studies of sun-worshipping trends and is a leading expert in balancing on the backs of chairs. She is a classically-trained vocalist and in her spare time is featured in the jazz group Cats and Kittens. 

Bowie is new to the Lyric family, but he has quickly made a name for himself, spearheading the Zoomies for Working Humans initiative and providing moral support during virtual meetings. His best friend is a blue bunny affectionately known as BunBun, and when he isn’t playing with his sister Ellie he likes to steal her pink, fluffy bed for afternoon naps.

Eleanor and Bowie's mom is Kelly Cronin, Associate Director, Development Analytics



Head of Security

Gus has been a part of the family since 2009, and in fact just celebrated his 11th birthday earlier this month. He was found on the side of the road in southern Indiana and was brought up to Chicago for adoption. He has since settled into his role as Head of Security (house protector), letting us know about every visitor, delivery, or howling of the wind at the door. He is very loving and sweet and can often be found on top of the most comfortable pillow or blanket on the couch. His mortal enemy is the vacuum cleaner. 

Gus's mom is Angela DeStefano, Philanthropy Officer



Remote Hops Analyst

Roo was adopted from the Red Door Animal Shelter where she captured our hearts with leaps and bounds. She's part dwarf and part hare. She's a picky eater and eats only fresh organic greens. Her favorite treat is cilantro. 

Roo's mom is Rita Parida, Director of Data Services 



Pawdience Services Representative 


Addie loves to spread lots of pawsitivity during this hard time! The happiest and sassiest girl around, she is helping us get through this. 

Addie's mom is Audience Services Representative Ashlyn Elliott



IT Intern

Ollie came home to us on April 16th at 8 weeks of age.  He’s a Mini Bernedoodle (Mini Poodle + Bernese Mountain dog). True to puppy form, he is mischievous, loves to bark, nip & chew, and demands attention.  Perfect during stay at home orders.  

Ollie's dad is Will Raj, Vice President, Information Technology 



Director of Naps & Cuddles

Wrigley is a 12 years old Shih Tzu/Bichon mix who loves naps, cuddles, snacks, and walks! He is getting quite spoiled with the daily family walk or backyard play and even at his age still likes to play like a pup. Wrigley has two younger human siblings (ages 2 & 4) who keep him young at heart.

Wrigley's mom is Brittany Gonzalez Camuy, Director of Group Sales



Snoring Officer

Madison is a 3-year-old Frenchie who resides guessed it! Madison Street. An only child, Madi is a tad spoiled and has a wardrobe that rivals Lyric’s costume collection. If you’ve been wondering “What is that noise?!” while on a call with Madi’s mom, it’s likely Madi taking a really good nap.

Madi's mom is Libby Rosenfeld, Senior Director of Development, Principal Gifts



Cat Food Freshness Analyst

Fresenius (aka Fred)

Chief Ray of Feline Sunshine

Rishi was adopted from a cat shelter in Michigan in 2014, and what she lacks in claws and teeth, she makes up for in fuzzy cuteness and discerning tastes. She spends her days snuggling, making Ewok noises, and inspecting her food for optimal freshness. 

Fred joined us in 2018 at 2 years of age. He enjoys vocalizing his every notion, playing with golf balls, sitting in places that are too small for him, destroying rolls of paper towels, and randomly running as fast as he can through his apartment.

Rishi and Fred's mom is Systems Analyst Jessica Keener



Technical Couch Officer

Remy is never late to work, hopping in her chair next to mom promptly at 9 AM. From there, she can observe birds and squirrels out the window as well as her colleagues' productivity. Occasional groans of delight permeate nap time because both her parents are home all day long!

Remy's parents are Philanthropy Officer Meaghan Stainback and Vice President and Technical Director Michael Smallwood

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