April 22, 2019

What are staff members most looking forward to next season?

Now that our 2020/21 Season has been announced, we decided to capture some of the buzz around Lyric’s offices! What are our staff members most looking forward to next season?

Tosca was the first opera I ever saw at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma  an incredible first experience! The opera holds a special place in my heart for that reason, so I'm always excited to see it again. I'm also incredibly excited to see The Rake's Progress based on the beautiful things I've heard about the orchestration.” -Mari Moroz, Public Relations

“I'm excited to see The Rake's Progress! From what I've heard of the music, it's phenomenal; Auden's libretto leaves a lot to the performers and I'm excited to see their performances. (The unique local connection it has, with Stravinsky having seen the inspirational set of paintings with the same name at an exhibition in Chicago, is a fun bonus  not to mention that it's starring Janai Brugger!) It's also a great way for people to hear more of Stravinsky's orchestral voice” -Dan Meyer, Development

“I'm equally excited for The Marriage of Figaro and Lessons in Love and Violence. Figaro was the first opera I saw at Lyric as a subscriber in 2015, and to see the same production will be such a sentimental, full-circle moment for me. While I'm a sucker for the classics, contemporary operas in English like Lessons in Love and Violence are a breath of fresh air and I love pieces that have a tie to relevant issues and make me think long after the curtain comes down.” -Sarah Sabet, Marketing

Lyric's 2015/16 season production of The Marriage of Figaro

“In 2014, I worked on my very first opera (behind the scenes, in costuming) in college, which was The Marriage of Figaro, so it holds a special place in my heart. Somehow, though, I've never seen a live production of it! So, I'm excited to revisit those memories by seeing it on stage for the first time. I also truly love French opera, so I'm looking forward to Samson and Delilah as well!” -Jessica Reinhart, Ticket Department/Audience Services

“I am looking forward to Lessons in Love and Violence the most. It's a very accessible production being only 90 minutes long and performed in English. I'm always thrilled to see what new ideas these contemporary composers bring to the table. You never know what to expect.” -Samantha Berger, Marketing

Royal Opera House's production of Lessons in Love and Violence

“I am OBSESSED with [The Marriage of] Figaro. Cherubino was my dream role and I was able to perform it. I know the entire thing by heart and I CANNOT WAIT!” -Megan St. John, Presentations And Events

“There are far too many to pick just one! If you let me pick two, I'd choose Cav/Pag and Samson & Delilah. I'm a sucker for big, bold, emotionally intense opera. These two fit that bill perfectly, not to mention the casting!” -Lisa Middleton, Marketing

“It’s a toss-up for me between Elixir of Loveand The Rake’s Progress. Elixir is one of the quintessential classics for 19th century bel canto opera, and it’s a funny, charming story with great tunes. Adina will be portrayed by Rosa Feola, who is a brilliant soprano we last saw in Rigoletto. The Rake’s Progress, is essentially the opposite: 20th century opera in English, composed by Stravinsky. The music is brilliant and the story is captivating, and it features one of my all-time favorite mezzo-soprano roles, Baba the bearded lady.” -Anna VanDeKerchove, Development

“Next season has something for everyone — comedy in The Marriage of Figaro, classic favorites with Tosca, and splendid music in The Rake's Progress. I'm most excited for the new contemporary works, Lessons in Love and Violence and Proving Up. Both of these operas, sung in English, provide a fresh look at the responsibility of family through gripping drama and new scores.” -Stefany Phillips, Marketing

"I’m excited to do my first Cav/Pag next season! There are unique challenges when doing a double bill, it’s like running two shows right on top of each other  something we really don't do in opera too often. There’s a lot of juggling (pun intended) needed backstage to make the transition from one to the other as seamless as possible. Not to mention that Pagliacci is just a fun spectacle of a show to create. The over the top but dark circus vibe is a really fun line to teeter on aesthetic-wise. This coming season is a nice mix of old and new, cheery and stoic. It should be a great year!" -Allison Burkholder, Wigs and Makeup

"I love this whole season: some old favorites and some new adventures. And all new, comfortable seats! Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci are two of the greatest short, tragic operas of all time. Sondra Radvanosky and Joseph Calleja are my dream cast for Puccini's classic Tosca. I can't wait to hear her sing Tosca's gorgeous aria, Vissi d'arte, or see her deliver "Tosca's kiss" to the evil Baron Scarpia. Believe me, you don't want that kiss. Two of my favorite comic operas are part of this season: Donizetti's Elixir of Love and Mozart's Marriage of Figaro. Both of these are so delightful, with such amazing music, that they can realign the universe for me for days. Not much else can do that." -Steve Landsman, Audience Services

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Photo: Pittsburgh Opera/David Bachman, Michael Brosilow, Todd Rosenberg, Karen Almond/Portland Opera, Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera, ROH. Stephen Cummiskey