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Lyric 101: Getting Around

Posted 9/20/2017

Lyric 101: Getting Around Situated on the Chicago River, the Lyric Opera House is just as beautiful as the operas that take place on its stage. However, it’s easy to understand how someone can feel overwhelmed during their first visit. That’s why we’ve created this handy beginner’s guide to help you get around! Lyric Opera of Chicago has called this historic building home since 1954. Its elaborate design reflects the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles that were popular at the time of its construction. The 3,563-seat auditorium features impeccable sightlines, with no obstructed views of the largest stage in the city of Chicago. Upon walking into the Daniel F. and Ada L....

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A Romantic Night at the Opera

Posted 9/8/2017

A Romantic Night at the Opera Looking for a romantic date night? Look no further! Though operatic tales of love don’t always end well, Lyric’s 2017/18 season features several couples who live happily ever after. Kicking off the season on September 23rd is Gluck’s Orphée et Eurydice; the story of a man who goes to great lengths — all the way to the Hades — to reclaim his lost love. When Orpheus’ wife, Eurydice, tragically dies, Cupid appears and offers him the chance to bring her back to life under one condition: he is now allowed to look at her on their journey from the Underworld. Orpheus, however, breaks his promise to Cupid, turning around at...

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National Respect for Parents Day

Posted 8/1/2017

National Respect for Parents Day August 1st is National Respect for Parents Day! In the real world, it’s best to heed your parents’ advice, but in opera, they don’t always know best... Rigoletto’s titular character takes protective parenting to the extreme. He forbids his daughter Gilda to leave the house; only allowing her to attend Church on Sundays. After basically living under a rock for her entire life, it’s no wonder that she naively falls victim to the charming Duke. She falls madly in love with him after just one meeting, during which he tells her that he is a student named “Gaultier Maldé.” After overhearing her father’s plot...

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