LYP Frequently Asked Questions

LYP Frequently Asked Questions
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  • What is Lyric Young Professionals?
    Lyric Young Professionals (LYP) is a growing group of more than 200 dynamic opera lovers ages 21 to 45 dedicated to building the next generation of supports for Lyric Opera of Chicago.

  • What’s included in membership?
    Depending on your membership level, LYP members enjoy a range of benefits including access to our unique social and networking events, educational programming such as our Cocktails & Conversation series, volunteer opportunities, as well as discounted tickets to performances, and so much more. Learn more about the benefits of each membership level by clicking here.

  • LYP sounds awesome! How do I join?
    You can join LYP by clicking here. We offer four different tiers of membership ranging from $35 to $400. Once your membership fees are paid, you will be an active member of LYP for an entire calendar year.

  • Is there a deadline for when I can join?
    No, there is no deadline to join LYP. You can join LYP at any point throughout the calendar year to ensure you enjoy a full year of membership benefits. We will notify you when your membership expiration is nearing.

  • What is the commitment for standard LYP membership?
    The requirement for standard LYP membership is an annual financial commitment anywhere from $35 to $400 depending on membership level. While we hope you will participate in our programming at your leisure, there is no required time commitment.

  • What is the commitment for being on the LYP Board?
    LYP is a growing group of more than 200 members governed by the LYP Board, which is comprised of 16 members. All active members at the LYP Patron level and above are eligible to apply to join the LYP Board in the spring. Board members are required to attend monthly board meetings, serve on a committee, act as an ambassador for Lyric, attend annual LYP fundraising events, and actively promote and sell tickets to their networks. Learn more about our 2017/18 LYP Board here!


Membership Fees and Contributions

  • Why are membership fees split between a contribution and dues?
    Fees at the LYP Member level and above are split between dues and contribution. Dues cover operations such as administrative costs and food and beverage at our many events offered throughout the year and are not tax deductible. The contribution portion of membership directly supports The Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Opera Center artist development program at Lyric.

  • Where is my contribution directed?
    As the next generation of Lyric supporters LYP is passionate about creating a sustainable environment for the future of opera. The Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Opera Center prepares emerging singers and apprentice coaches for careers in opera by providing unique, comprehensive training. Support of the Ryan Opera Center is a key part of the mission and growth of LYP as we not only support these talented artists for their skill but also as vibrant young professionals themselves.

  • Do you offer a payment plan for my membership fees?
    Yes, monthly payment plans are available in $25 installments for the contribution portion of your membership. Dues are not eligible for payment plans and are not tax-deductible. Payment plans can be arranged only over the phone. Contact the LYP Office at 312-827-5656 to set up your payment plan. 

  • My employer offers to match charitable contributions. Can I count that toward my LYP membership?
    Yes, depending on your employer’s policy, the contribution portion of your membership is fully eligible for a matching gift. Contact your employer to see if your gift qualifies. Matching gifts are an easy way to potentially double, if not triple, your contribution and unlock even more benefits.

  • Can I make a contribution beyond the highest membership level?
    Yes! As an LYP member, any cumulative gifts you make beyond $300 grants you access to not only benefits at the LYP Associate level but also benefits associated with Lyric’s giving levels. Find out how you can expand your support for Lyric and the Ryan Opera Center by clicking here.


Programming and Events

  • What type of programming does LYP offer?
    Aside from discounted tickets to Lyric performances aligned with our Medley Social Series, we engage our members through educational programming such as our Cocktails & Conversation series, professional networking opportunities with other Chicagoland young professional organizations, volunteer opportunities, and unique social events such as our marqee annual Halloween Masquerade fundraiser in the fall!

  • Are these events free if I’m a member?
    Yes, a number of exclusive events hosted by LYP are free for members at the LYP Member level and above. Additionally, LYP members have access to discounted tickets to Lyric fundraising events, like the Halloween Masquerade.

  • Can I bring a friend to an LYP event who’s not a member?
    Of course! As part of our mission to build the next generation of Lyric supporters, we encourage you to bring your friends and introduce them to Lyric. Guest fees may apply.

  • When’s your next event?
    Check out our events page or visit our Facebook page to see our upcoming events. We’d love for you to join us!

  • What’s the Halloween Masquerade?
    It's a party with a purpose! Halloween Masquerade is the Lyric Young Professionals’ marquee fall fundraising event. Benefiting the Ryan Opera Center, this event, now in its fourth year, welcomes more than 300 exquisitely costumed guests to the opera house for an extravagant evening of live music, dancing, and indulging with Chicago’s elite. Check out pictures from this year’s event on our Facebook page.

  • It sounds like you offer a lot of programming. What is the best way to stay up-to-date with everything going on?
    LYP members at all levels receive monthly e-newsletters highlighting upcoming LYP events and volunteer opportunities as well as a “spotlight” on a Lyric insider.



Medley Series

  • What is the Medley Series?
    A subscription series package offered exclusively to LYP members at the LYP Member level and up. This series allows LYP members to choose from a selection of dates and build a personalized subscription package of three or more operas for $35* each. A minimum of three different opera titles is required to initiate a Medley subscription, and the same title may not appear more than once in a series.

    Medley subscriptions for the 2018/19 Season are now on sale.

    *One-time $6 subscription order fee not included.
    *$3 - $4 historic building fee per ticket not included.

  • Which performances are included in the 2018/19 Medley subscription series?
    Click here to access the 2018/19 Medley performance dates. Medley subscriptions for the 2018/19 Season will be on sale in the fall.  

  • Where will my Medley seats be located?
    Medley subscribers are assigned to the best available seating within Main Floor and Balcony sections (our favorite seats for sound!) at the time of purchase. We cannot accommodate specific seating requests.

  • How do I purchase a Medley subscription series?
    Once you join LYP you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to purchase your Medley subscription. As a member of LYP, you get exclusive access to $35 Medley Series tickets! Call Audience Services at 312.827.5600 to create a custom package of three or more shows from the dates listed below.

  • Can I bring my friends?
    Yes! Medley subscribers may purchase up to two Medley subscriptions, and depending on their membership level, up to two or more additional tickets per season at the special $35 Medley price (see membership levels here).

  • How do "add-on tickets*" work?
    LYP Patron and LYP Associate level members can add on two tickets to each of their Medley performances at the special $35 price. Tickets can only be added to performances and dates already in their Medley Series and are non-transferable.

  • How do “floating tickets*” work?
    Depending on your membership level, LYP Medley subscribers can add up to six tickets to their Medley subscription for the whole season at the special $35 Medley price. Have 4 friends who want to see Turandot, but only 2 Ringheads? Use your floating tickets to stack your performances however you like! Tickets can only be added to performances and dates already in your Medley Series.

    *Add-on and floating tickets are subject to availability and we will make every effort to seat additional tickets as close as possible to your current subscription seats.

  • May I exchange my Medley tickets?
    Yes! Free exchanges (made more than 5 days in advance of your performance) are one of the perks of being a subscriber. Exchanges can be made by calling Audience Services at 312-827-5600Íž your new date must also be a valid LYP Medley series date of the same title. If exchanged fewer than 5 days in advance, fees will apply.

  • What if I want to purchase tickets for a performance or production outside of the Medley series?
    As a subscriber, you receive a 10% discount off of the standard ticket price on additional opera and musical tickets during the season. The $35 Medley price does not apply to performances outside of the Medley series.

  • What if I can’t commit to a whole subscription, but I still want to support Lyric and get last-minute ticket deals?
    New this year to the Lyric Young Professionals program is LYP Encore. For $35 annually, young professionals ages 21-45 can join the Lyric Young Professionals at the Encore level, where they gain access to exclusive last-minute ticket deals, networking opportunities, and invitations to special LYP events! Encore dates are announced via email 3-10 days before a performance. LYP members are invited to use the designated promo code to access $59 main floor and $39 balcony seats. Encore seats are available online only and subject to availability.