Sophie Wingland


Sophie Wingland is a musician, facilitator and yoga teacher, originally from California. She is a classically trained singer and plays ukulele, hang drum, cello, slide whistle, and toy accordion has and enjoys creating instruments out of found objects. Rooted in the belief that everyone is a musician, her work explores the nature of collaboration, playfulness and healing. Wingland has a Bachelor’s in Music from Oberlin Conservatory, a Master’s in Music in Vocal Arts from USC Thornton School, and a Master’s in New Audiences and Innovative Practice from The Royal Conservatory in the Hague. She is currently working for Harmony, Hope & Healing, facilitating peace circles and teaching music with individuals and families recovering from trauma, homelessness and addiction. She also teaches yoga and music meditation classes which encourage body positivity, compassion and community.

Previously at Lyric: Stories and Songs of Chicago (2017|18)

Last updated: September 10, 2017