Alexander Belavsky


A native of Moscow, Alexander Belavsky, graduated from the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. In 1974 he came to Boston to study with Joseph Silverstein, and has resided in the United States ever since.

His first professional position was with Atlantic Symphony Orchestra in Canada.

In 1978 Alexnader Belavsky became a member of the Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra and a year later he joined the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra. His solo appearances include those with the Orchestra of Illinois, the Chicago Chamber Orchestra, and Concertante di Chicago, ranging from Mozart to Schnitke. He made his Auditorium Hall debut in 1984 playing Vivaldi's "Quatro Stagioni" with the Orchestra of Illinois. Alexander Belavsky pursues a serious interest in contemporary classical music; on numerous occasions he was the first performer of many contemporary compositions.