How can I encourage a child who is interested in opera?

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What should I do to encourage a child who is interested in opera?

Ask RogerIf your children are interested in opera, encourage them to listen to CDs and develop their ear for different styles of opera. DVDs are fine, but of course, opera wasn’t created for the small screen — it’s meant for the stage! So if there’s an opera company in your town, take your child to live performances, so he/she can experience the thrill of the unamplified human voice. The child should also be encouraged to read about composers, about singers, and about operas’ stories — there’s tons of material online. When I was six years old, I was given a book called Stories of Great Operas by Clyde Robert Bulla. Yes, it was written many decades ago, but it remains a fine choice if you’d like this kind of book for your child.

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