Happy Father’s Day from Lyric! Posted 6/14/2018

June 17 is Father’s Day, so why not celebrate by meeting the fathers in our upcoming productions?

First up, we have Idomeneo in a production of the same name. On his way back to Crete after years away from home, Idomeneo is shipwrecked, surviving only because he promises Neptune to sacrifice the first person he sees upon returning to land. Tragically, the first person he sees is Idamante, his own son. His fear of the gods is challenged by something even stronger: a father’s love.

Mime, a dwarf, might not be anyone’s biological father, but he takes on the role anyway. In Siegfried, Mime fosters a human boy and raises him to slay a dragon. But thanks to the words of a wandering prophet, this father and son turn against each other in a deadly battle. Mime may have trained Siegfried too well!

The stepmother in the Cinderella story is famously cruel and selfish, but Pandolfe in Cendrillon is a little more sensitive. He loves his daughter deeply and often misses the life they had together before he married the countess. He obeys his new wife, but he isn’t afraid to stand up to her when his daughter needs him most.

Although he is never seen onstage, Agamemnon — Elektra’s father — is one of the most important characters in Elektra. After her mother murders her father, Elektra is devastated by grief. She spends the whole show obsessively plotting her revenge, driven by her love for the late Agamemnon.

In La traviata, a lowly courtesan named Violetta falls in love with Alfredo Germont. Unfortunately, Alfredo’s father has a serious self-image problem. He tries to stop Violetta from marrying his son out of fear that it will reflect poorly on his family. Eventually, however, he comes to respect Alfredo’s decision and must rush to fix his mistakes before it’s too late.

The King of Scotland, Ginevra’s father in Ariodante, only wants the best for his daughter. He approves of her fiancé Ariodante and is about to welcome him into the family when the villainous Polinesso sabotages the romance. After a series of miscommunications pulls this father–daughter duo apart, the King realizes the truth and goes out to reunite with Ginevra once again.

These shows might still be a few months away, but you can celebrate Father’s Day right now. Show your dad how much he means to you today with a Lyric Opera gift certificate.

Photos: Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera, Todd Rosenberg, Antoni Bonfill/Gran Teatre del Liceu, Robert Kusel, Pascal Victor/Festival d'Aix-en-Provence