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Verdi's Violetta: Revealing a Heroine's Soul

Learn about Violetta, heroine of La Traviata, in an article by Lyric dramaturg Roger Pines.

A Conversation with the Director

Arin Arbus, who debuts at Lyric Opera with La Traviata, spoke during spring 2013 with the company’s manager of media relations, Magda Krance. (Edited by Lyric dramaturg Roger Pines)

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 Arin Arbus

Illustrations: Costume sketches by Cait O'Connor 


La Traviata Audio Preview

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La Traviata Discovery Series

A tale of a courtesan with a heart of gold and a young man from a proper family, who are forced to deal with a very cruel world. Marina Rebeka (Violetta), Joseph Calleja (Alfredo), and Quinn Kelsey (Germont) join conductor Massimo Zanetti and director Arin Arbus to discuss this Verdi masterpiece.

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La Traviata Commentary

La Traviata
by Giuseppe Verdi

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