Zach Sorrow is currently setting Liesl's heart aflutter as Rolf in Lyric's acclaimed production of The Sound of Music. But this Northwestern University grad does a lot more than just deliver telegrams—see him in his a capella group "The Freshman Fifteen" and find out why he tries to fall in love five times a day.

Zach Sorrow is currently setting Liesl's heart aflutter as Rolf in Lyric's acclaimed production of The Sound of Music. But this Northwestern University grad does a lot more than just deliver telegrams—he loves American Beauty, Arrested Development, and a capella (check him out singing in The Freshman Fifteen at Northwestern University)!


American Beauty: It's a story about taking your life into your own hands, turning off the autopilot, and discovering what actually makes you happy. Kevin Spacey is brilliant.


Books & Authors 

I've always considered The Giving Tree to be the greatest book ever written. Even after countless revisits I feel like I always learn something new. I've even got this on my laptop:

I also just finished reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. It's a crazy book, it's really long, but it's totally worth the effort.

TV shows 

The first two that come to mind right now are Breaking Bad and True Detective, both of which are a must for anyone interested in a well-acted drama. I'm also a huge fan of Arrested Development (including and especially the fourth season!) and Game of Thrones.




Justin Timberlake. He's got such a cool mix of styles, and he always looks like he's having the best time wherever he's performing. I'm also a big fan of Glen Hansard; everything he sings is brutally honest, and his voice always takes me to those emotional, vulnerable places.



Pop songs

"Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls, "To Build a Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra, and "Home" by Marc Broussard. To name a few.





Sweeney Todd has to be my all-time favorite, and it only helps that the first production I ever saw was with Brian Stokes Mitchell and Christine Baranski at the Kennedy Center in DC. Amazing.



 I'm a sucker for a good burrito, but it's pretty much always gotta have guac. That's where they get you.


Have you ever tried Hoegaarden? Awesome Belgian wheat ale. So choice.


In my spare time, you'll likely find me playing Titanfall or Skyrim on Xbox, but my roommate never has trouble convincing me to actually go outside to throw the football around.


 I'm a pretty big tech and video game nerd, so I'm usually up to date on Gizmodo or Kotaku.

Vacation spot 

I would always say yes to visiting Disney World, and I have no regrets about it.


I'm a dog person, and my parents will begrudgingly agree that whenever I visit home (in New York) I am often more excited to see Daisy, our Jack Russell, than I am to see them. Truth be told, Daisy has never been very good at using the phone, so my parents are pretty understanding about it.

Childhood toy 

Anybody ever have a Perplexus? Oh. Man.

Superhero or superhero power 

To fly! I don't care if it's not original, I couldn't pass this one up.


I had an acting teacher who once said, "If you're not falling in love five times a day you're not really living." I've always liked that; it helps me keep a positive attitude no matter what's happening.

Guilty pleasure 

Even after graduating last year, I'm still a big fan of a cappella. I was in Freshman Fifteen, an all-male group from Northwestern, and they've always been my favorite group of guys, both for the music and because they were always the most fun to hang with. Here's a video of me singing with them from my freshman year:


Anything else? 


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